Ivy & Twine Candles

I just love Ivy & Twine candles…..one they smell great, and two they are Fife based. Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Georgina and Gordon, the business started almost accidentally. The couple were married in August 2019, and Georgina wanted their venue to be filled with beautiful candles, bespoke to their day, so mindful of keeping within the budget, they sought to make her own.

Alas, the candles were a big hit with many of their guests going home with one or two… Feeling quite proud of themselves, Georgina and Gordon set out to produce the same quality candles for everyone else to enjoy, and Ivy & Twine was born.

The candles are made from Soy Coconut wax, which is sustainably sourced making them both eco and vegan friendly. By preparing the candles in small batches, and pouring and packaging by hand they can ensure they are all finished to a high standard. They have a 40 hour + burn time and are highly fragranced, ensuring your home is filled with the most gorgeous scent. If you’ve never tried the Rhubarb Plumb Noir, you absolutely must !

Prices start from £13.99