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Looking for a gift that’s just a little bit different?

Browse Art Room 59 online for an irresistible, compact selection of hand-picked gift ideas and home accessories. From the stylish to the fun, you’ll find jewellery and accessories, decorative pieces in textiles, metals, ceramics and wood. We aim to support small independent makers, who can create that special something which is a step away from the norm. We also source a few other little gems from around the globe because, well, they’re quite special too.

Ruth, owner of Art Room 59, is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art with a background in Fashion Design ,so it’s little wonder she has a natural eye for things a little different but always well-made.

Whether you want to delight your nearest and dearest or indulge in a little treat for yourself, there’s something here for everyone and any occasion. And we promise, it won’t cost the earth.


If you would like to know more about our makers or simply have a quick question, Ruth’s always there to help.

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